We love the olympics, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are abslutely perfection~

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So, this is extremely inactive so I will be deleting it soon. but if any of you would like to follow my personal blogs are overd-ose.tumblr.com and constellationofhope.tumblr

I follow back on both of these <3 

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like ryan lochte is sOOOOooOOOOoOo lucky he is attractive, and has a dank ass body, and can swim, and he is attractive, and he can swim, and he is attractive„, because HE IS SO STUPID 

I tried to watch Ryan Lochte’s new show, but he is so dumb i was embarrassed to spend part of my life watching it. 

hellooooo! :) 


i’ve missed you all alot okay, my laptop has been broken so i havent been able to me on here, it should be fixed soon but idk. If you want to talk to me tweet me, @SchneiderGang. I can check that on my phone, so yeah. wanted to let you all know.

and again apoligizing for us being inactive on this account, i’ll definatly talk to the girls so we post more. :)


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Anonymous asked:
Sierra You Should Just Kick Those Other Girls Off This Blog, I Cant Remember The Last Time Anita Or Kim Posted Something And Ellie Isnt On As Much Anymore As She Was When This Started. It Seems Unfair To Do That To You, IDK.

no wayy, i could never make them leave. I love themm. :)

And just because the other girls dont make as many posts as I do, or come on here often doesnt mean its ‘unfair’ or whatever. School has just started, and we all have alot to be doing. Alot of blogs have fewer posts because of school.

&please stop sending me these kind of asks, im not going to reply to your other ones. they make me upset. I love my friends, and dont want anyone to talk bad about them. Be Mature.

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Michael & Ryan during the 4x100 Free Relay